Harmful smell and gases collect Hepa air filter media air condition vacuum home application hepa filter

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Harmful smell and gases collect Hepa air filter media air condition vacuum home application hepa filter
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Applicable Industries: Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Restaurant, Home Use, Food Shop, Printing Shops, Construction works , Food & Beverage Shops, Advertising Company
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Warranty of core components: 1 Year
Core Components: Activated carbon, Antibacterial Media, Toluene ( C7H8 ), Ammonia ( NH3 ), Ozone ( O3 ), Acetaldehyde ( CH3CHO ), Acetic acid ( CH3COOH ), Sulfide
Condition: New
Efficiency: Medium Filter, E10, E11,E12, H13,H14,U15
Construction: Wire Mesh
Porosity: 0.3um
Weight: 1 kg
Warranty: 1 Year
Product name: Composite Air Filter
Product Performance: Filter Germ in the air
Size: Customized Size Avaialble
Color: Customized Color
Feature: Odor and harmful gases Collect
Frame: Aluminum, Stainless steel, Sponge, PET net
Application for: Household purifier filter
Media: Composite PET+PP, Antibacterial Media, Carbon , Deodorized particles.
Package: PP Bag + Carton Box
After Warranty Service: Online support, Spare parts
Local Service Location: None
Showroom Location: None
Marketing Type: New Product 2020
After-sales Service Provided: Online support
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Product name
Hepa air filter media home air condition vacuum application hepa filter
Composite PET+PP, Antibacterial Media,
Activated carbon ,Deodorized particles, Carbon , Impregnated carbon ,zeolite, activated, alumina, molecular sieve,loadable aluminum base , loadable nickel mesh ,etc
HEPA + Activaetd carbon= Combined filter

Low wind resistance, high dust holding capacity, high filtration precision
Combination of high-efficiency filter screen, divided into dust filter layer and odor filter layer. The dust filter layer is a close-folded structure, with a large capture area, very low pressure loss, can quickly capture the air particulate pollutants. The odor filter layer is made of the activated carbon or the impregnating medium. The developed micro-pores and the huge specific surface area of the activated carbon can absorb the poisonous and harmful gas, or react with the poisonous and harmful gas to eliminate the poisonous and harmful gas.
Capture dust, smoke, pollen, bacteria, viruses and other ;Eliminate gases in air,such as
formadehyde(HCHO),toluene(C7H8),ammonia(NH3),Ozone(O3),acetaldehyde(CH3CHO),acetic acid(CH3COOH),etc.
Apply to
xiaomi , dyson, Philips ,Panasonic, ect

Products description

* Coarse filter: With low resistance, filtrating large dust particles, hairs etc., applicable to all types of air conditioning
equipment pre filter.

* Medium efficiency filter: May filtersome invisible dust in the air, lower pressure drop, applicable to all types of air
conditioning equipment, air cleaner, air conditioning fan .

* High efficient filter:Filtrating above 0.3μm particles in the air high efficiently,applicable to all types of air conditioning
equipment, air cleaner, air conditioning fan etc.

* Super high efficient filters: in 5.33cm/s wind speeds, the filtration efficiency above0.3 μ m diameter particle of more than
99.97% , used in highly demanding facilities, such as: air cleaner, central air conditioning, clean room etc..

* Humidifier module: Made from high water absorbent materials, applicable to all types of humidifier.

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