Air purifier factory price high efficiency merv 13 pm2.5 air filtration compressed air hepa filters

500.0 Units
Air purifier factory price high efficiency merv 13 pm2.5 air filtration compressed air hepa filters
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Applicable Industries: Hotels, Home Use
Video outgoing-inspection: Not Available
Machinery Test Report: Not Available
Warranty of core components: Not Available
Core Components: Hepa Filter
Condition: New
Efficiency: 99.95%-99.999%
Construction: Panel Filter
Porosity: 0.3u
Dimension(L*W*H): Customized Made
Weight: 2 kg
Warranty: 1 Year
After-sales Service Provided: No overseas service provided
Application: Air purifier, Air filtration system, Conditioner
Shape: Square, Rectangle, Round
Size: Customized Made
Color: White
Media: Meltblown
Material: Meltblown and fabric
Grades: H11 H12 H13 H14
Type: PM2.5 air filtration
Resistance: 11Pa, 18Pa, 32Pa
After Warranty Service: Video technical support
Local Service Location: None
Showroom Location: None
Marketing Type: Ordinary Product
인증: ISO9001
기본 정보
인증: ISO9001
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Factory price high efficiency merv 13 pm2.5 air filtration compressed air hepa filters

Product Description

Details of HEPA air filter
1.Waviness of pleat block along length be kept to a minimum
2.Pleat blocks are much more flat
3.Minimum pleat height is 8mm, maximum height is 80mm
4.Glue beads runs the length of the element
5.Normal distance between two glue beads of the element is 50.8mm(adjustable according to requirement)

Kanglv air filters
Priduct Name
Separator filter
PM2.5 air filtration
Be Used For
Purifier, Air Conditioning, Fresh Air Ventilator
H11 H12 H13 H14
11Pa, 18Pa, 32Pa
Customized Made

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Kanfilter 1: HEPA air filter paper

The HEPA filter paper Kanfilter 1 is made of meltblown and substrate. The masterbatch of meltblown is imported from Europe and the substrate is J60 with wet process. Withunique compound technology, the HEPA filter paper reaches 1g glue per square meter, high efficiency but low

Carbon Non-woven Fabric

The carbon non-woven fabric is made of air filter paper
fabric and activated carbon powder. The activated carbon powder is covering the fabric evenly.It is high efficiency in trapping particulates, smoke, formaldehyde and TVOC.

Activated Carbon

There are cylinder carbon, coconut shell carbon, carbon
powder... They also called modified activated carbon after nano technology and more efficient in absorbing and breaking down smoke, formaldehyde, benzene and more TVOC..

Product Processing

Full automatic production line

Automatic Composited Machine

Automatic Pleating Machine

Automatic Glue Fixing

Automatic Welting Machine

Automatic Edg Bander Machine

Automatic Sponge Backing Machine

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